Human Body, Emotions and Shapes Flash Cards (Downloadable)

Human Body, Emotions and Shapes Flash Cards (Downloadable)

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Our range of human body, emotions and shapes comes in a set of 44 downloadable cards.

There are many opportunities for learning with this set of flash cards. 
Learning about the human body is such an easy learning experience as you already have all you need!
Building on with the flash cards you can discuss the various body parts and what they are used for. What clothing items go on different body parts, the noises they may make. 

Emotions can be a difficult topic or concept for some children to grasp so allowing them the opportunity to learn about their emotions and why they feel certain ways can assist in developing fundamental coping skills. 
Practise expressing certain emotions, discuss why you might feel a certain way during a particular time or event. 

Learning about shapes and exploring the different shapes they come across in the home or whilst out and about. This maths concept is an important one and one which can provide numerous learning opportunities. 
Shape matching, discuss the different shapes and how they look as well as the names of shapes and where we can find them. 

*This is a downloadable file. Customer is responsible for printing and laminating product.

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